Viola FAQ

Why should I clean my Viola strings?

Viola players perform many bowing and finger movements against the strings which leave behind harmful debris. Bowing deposits rosin and finger movements deposit oils, skin, sweat, and other harmful substances. All of this debris weighs down the string thus dampening the sound. Furthermore, the finger deposits over time cause oxidation which inevitably destroys the strings. The String Cleaner quickly and easily removes these harmful deposits and in doing so, extends the life, strength, and tone of Violin strings.

How does String Cleaner remove rosin from the strings?

Through the use of "tension control tabs", The String Cleaner quickly and easily removes rosin at the players discretion. Click here to see our quick 2 minute video which demonstrates the "tension control tabs" and rosin removal.

Does The String Cleaner work on all size Violas?

Yes. On 16.5" viola the C and A strings rest at the very edge of the microfiber, yet the device will still perform.

How often should I use The String Cleaner?

The string cleaner should be used after any time the instrument is played. Remember, the only thing that causes strings to "die" are the harmful deposits left behind from your fingers and the bow. Remove this debris after every time you play and your strings will last much longer!

How long does The String Cleaner last?

The String Cleaner will last for years as long as you maintain it. Every two months, and/or any time you change your strings you should clean the cleaner. Click here to see our quick 2 minute video which demonstrates the cleaning procedure.

Does the String Cleaner come with or require any chemicals or solutions?

No. Of course you are welcome to add any cleaning solutions to the pads, but it is not required or recommended.

Why did The String Cleaner win "Best in Show" at the NAMM(National Academy of Music Merchandisers) trade show? What makes it so special?

The String Cleaner is the only product that cleans 360 degrees of all strings at the same time while simultaneously cleaning and buffing the fret board. Further more, it requires no chemicals or solutions and is not a disposable item. The String Cleaner simply is the ultimate string cleaning tool. Click here for a quick 2 minute video presentation which demonstrates all of The String Cleaner features.

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