The String Cleaner

The Ultimate String and Fret Cleaning Tool by ToneGear

NAAM University - Best in Show

Recommeded Use

The String Cleaner should be used after every use of your guitar.

Opening Instructions

1. Place your thumb on the hinged side of the device. Place your first and second finger on the latch tabs and apply downward pressure to release the latches.

2. The Release the bottom piece from the top by pulling the bottom piece away from and at the latches.

How-To Instructions

1. In an open position, slide The String Cleaner underneath the guitar or bass strings.

2. To fasten, close the device and secure the latches.

3. Slide The String Cleaner back and forth along the full length of the strings.

Maintenance Instructions

Clean once every 2 months. Lightly hand wash with warm water and a drop of liquid soap. Gently pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel and leave open to dry. The String Cleaner pads should be FULLY dried before any further use or contact.